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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Hi ppl once again vettyboy with a vettypost, from the title im not saying this post will be impressing. This post is based on the thought i got when i was working busily. thye thought is

" A boy cannot impress a girl in the first
sight, but a boy gets impressed by a girl in the first sight"
. Many may condradict on it, but this thing happens 8 out off 1o times. it even happened to me. so ppl pour ur thought on this and lets have a good knowledge share

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For my friend

hi ppl this blog im gonna post my first sensible post in my blogspot.My friend mr.Balakumar Muthu a techie , addicted to java, who owns a vry good technical blog and post really good techie stuffs. Lately he attendted the sun tech days seminar coducted by sun microsystems,sorry idukumela nambalaala technicala pesa mudiyala ,more information Clickhere>>>

Friday, February 10, 2006

Post on Post

hiiii ppl thathuvam keetu life muneritingala,okay . This post is based on the last post from
Ammus blog. In that post i found this wordings vry interesting, so i thought why not write a post on this based on the incident in my life. the wordings r

"If your problem has a solution then..............why worry about it?If
your problem doesnt have solution then........why worry about it? "

why so feelings solringala ,solrean. this happened in my school day , i used to be vry quiet kid in my school.If i do some mischiefs also somebody will be punished for my mistakes, but one problem i always had till now is that is gals.I always have some or other probs with them. In my scholl days i used to go for tution classes with my frnd

padicheynaanu mattum kekathinga,there in the tution a gal was studying, thinking abt her future i avoid her name.Me and my frnd used to chit chat with whenever we find time , as usual my frnd fell in love with her, i warned him him that it is better to fell in well than in love. but nallathu sonna evan kepaan.But later i found that this was intrsted in me. now i have two problems, one my frnds love, next is hers.Believe me im not really intrsted in that gal :-) , so i tried to my frnd so i called both of the m thanithaniya then first i told that gal that im not intrested in her, so ur manasa mathikanu sollitean. then i called my frnd i told him to propose to her, he did what i said as usal that gal disposed his love,so i have one problem solved. i know this what going to happen to him so that time i didnt worry abt that.but now im the same situation with another frnd but now me too intrsted in that gal but myfrnd trusts me, and i know that this gal more serious abt this , i find no solution, so now im not worrying abt it.Bcos i was safe that tme and now so freeyavidu. Last but least

if u have any solution do worry abt it bcos u have a problem ahead of it

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

vazhkai thathuvam - really important

hi ppl , im gonna give u ppl some thathuvam, vaazhkai thathuvam, which will help u to attain greater heights and realize abt life.

here we go.

1. Pant Pottu Muttipoda mudiyum aanaaa muttipottu pant poda mudiyumaa...........

2. Fan-ukkum rekkai irukku. Paravai-kkum rekkai irukku. Fan-ala parakka mudiyaathu. Paravai-ala sutha mudiyaathu. Aaanaa... Fan-a amukina suthum. Paravai-a amukina kathum... :))

3. tool box la tool la parka mudiyum... match box la match a parka mudiyuma!!!

4. Irukkurappa enna daan complan, bournvita kudichalum sethadukkapram ellarukkum pal daan...

5. South India-la Narthangai kidaikkum. Aaana, North India-la Southangai kidaikuma?!

6. pache molagale pache irukkum aana kodemolagale kodey irukkuma

7. lunch bagla lunch eduthuttu pogalam... aana school bagla school eduthuttu poga mudiyathu..

8. nee evlo periya paruppa irunthalum, unga veettu samayalukku paruppu kadaila than vanganum....

9. meluga vachchu melugu vathi seyyalam... aana kosuva vachi kosu vathi seyya mudiyathu....

10. kovil maniya namma adicha saththam varum... aana kovil mani nammala adicha raththam than varum....

11. Sirpi Kalla Uliyaala adicha that is "Kalai" But Namma Sirpiya Uliyaala adicha that is "Kolai"

12. Railway Stationla Police Station irukkum But Police Stationla railway station irukkathu

13. Yevalavu Dan Neechal Therinjalum Tumler thannila Neentha Mudiyathu.

14. Ennathan Naiku Nalu Kaal Irundhalum Athaala Kaal Mela Kaal Pottu Ukkara Mudiyathu

15. 10 Yerumbu Oru Yaanaia Kadika Mudium Aana
10 Yaanaila Oru Yerumba Kadika Mudiyadu.

16. Mandaiya Pota Die
Mandaila Pota Dye

17. Nee Enna Thaan Costly Mobile Vachiruthalum
Adhula Evalavu Thaan Recharge Pannalum
Unnaala Unnaku Call Panna Mudiyathu

18. Kosu Kadicha Yaanaikaal Varum But
Yaanai Kadicha Kosukaal Varathu

19. Valkaikum Valukaikum Orea Vithyasam
Onnumae Illatha Valkai Bore Adikum
Onnumae Illatha Valukai Glare Adikum

20. Policesikkum Porukikkum enna Vithyasam
"Adi-Thadi" Senja Porukki
"Thadi-Adi" Senja Police

21. Trainnuku Ticket Vangi Platformla Ukkaralaam Ana
Platform Ticket Vangi Trainla Ukkara Mudiyathu

22. Ennathan Karatela Black Belt Vanginalum
Naai Thorathina Odi Thaan Aganum

23. Busla Nee Earunalum
Unnmalae Bus Earunalum
Ticket Vangaporadhu Nee Thaan

24. PAAL Kotinna Vera Paal Vaangikkalam
Arisi Kotinna Vera Arisi Vaangikkalam Aana
Thel Kotinna Vera Thel Vanga Mudiyuma?

25. Ticket Vangitu Ulla Poradu Cinema Theatre
Ulae Poitu Ticket Vangaradu Operation Theatre

26. Kaakaa Enna Thaan Karuppa Irundalum Adhu Podura muttai Vellai Thaan
Muttai Enna Thaan Vellaiya Irundalum Athukulae irukura Kaakaa Karupp Thaan

27. Iron Boxla Iron Pannalam Anna
Pencil Boxla Pencil Panna Mudiyathu

28. Cream Biscuitla Cream Irukkum Anna
Naai Biscuitla Naai Irukathu.

makkaley this post is a social service post subject to all personal risks.